max2mdl 1.0

Max2Mdl 1.0 is our new exporter that enables you to easily take...

Max2Mdl 1. 0 is our new exporter that enables you to easily take a model in 3ds Max (5. 0 and above), and write it in the 3d Gamestudio MDL5 or MDL4 format, complete with textures and animations.

Some of max2mdl's main features:- Virtually unlimited number of vertices and faces in exported model. - Easily scale in time each sequence, e.

g. making a 100-frame animation in Max into a 5-frame MDL sequence. - Export into both MDL4 and MDL5 formats. - Define sequence names and ranges before exporting in properties window, with the ability to save to or load them from a file.

- Support for standard materials, both textured and untextured, mapped on any channel. - Support for baked materials. - Support for IFL bitmaps, automatically creating multiple skins.

- Optionally center model to pivot or world center. The demo version of max2mdl holds the same functionality as the full version, except for some limitations in the exporting process:- Maximum of 100 faces per model.

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